Healing Straight From Nature…

Finally, an opportunity to give voice to the power of plants! 

There are so many to choose from… in this blog I will sample from the bountiful world of plants and share my love of them. We will look at their energy, aromas, beneficial characteristics and their beauty. I for one, take no plant for granted! They, like the human species, are so different. So vibrant! So alive! There are those that are alluring and some that are truly creepy. So much for how varied they are, as are we. Yet, even the creepiest of plants can provide some medicinal benefit.  

In “The Lost Language of Plants: The Ecological Importance of Plant Medicines to Life on Earth,” by Stephen Harrod Buhner, the author alludes to how plants speak to us. I agree. They do. From their physical appearance they lure and beckon us to come closer. They make us curious. Think about a desert. Now think about a park lush with trees and flowers. Is there not a stark difference here?

There is something about the color green. It is powerful! It blankets the earth where there is water and sun. Plant a seed and give it some time… something will grow there.

I hope you will grow with me as I share my thoughts, knowledge and experience with plants, more specifically, their qualities, characteristics and essential healing powers!

Aromatically Yours.Flowers on a Lemon Tree


Comments on: "Peace and Healing Straight From Nature…." (1)

  1. A. Thurston said:

    what an enlightening article. Not only is the article/blog enlightening but filled with Godly ways of how to be in a state of wellness while residing on earth. I, for one, prefer to return my body and spirit into the Creator’s hands in a condition pleasing to Him.

    Thanks so much for such a treasure chest of information.

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