Healing Straight From Nature…

In the last month I have used all eleven favorite essential oils in some blend or another. All of these oils have a hydrosol, the distinct essence of the plant in water that remains after the distillation process. I love hydrosols almost as much as I love essential oils! Their aromas are splendid and their uses are enormous! I expect that hydrosols will gain in popularity significantly in the coming years– it won’t be long. Research is being conducted on many hydrosols that will provide positive proof of their healthful benefits.

It’s April 1st and in this venue last month, I asked for readers to share their favorite 11th essential oil. Getting to ten (10) is not so hard; its selecting the 11th oil that I find interesting. Two oils were shared: one was grapefruit for its refreshing, uplifting aroma; the other was peppermint for its ability to rid one of a headache i.e., “best headache relief ever!”

These are both great 11th essential oil choices! One of the contributors will receive a sample pack of my favorite 11 hydrosols that I will identify in another post really soon.

The recipient of the hydrosols stated that “peppermint” was her favorite 11th oil. I will be reaching out to you via email. I hope you enjoy the hydrosols as much as I do! And, thanks for sharing!

Aromatically yours,


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