Healing Straight From Nature…


I think nature has just about all we need in order to sustain ourselves on this planet. How we use what nature has to offer is the question or rather, is up to each and every one of us. I love the smell of fresh air, and how sun feels on my skin. I love water in all its forms, liquid, ice, snow, fog and rain. Think about it. Without the sun, water and air– we would not exist. Neither would plant life which forms the backbone of our existence. In many ways, we are like plants. We came from a seed planted in a dark moist place where we were nutured until we met the light at our time of birth. It was our first breath of air that assured we’d stick around a while. We grow. We reach for the sun in our apirations, or we stay close to the ground as an option instead. Some of us are roses, blooming, open and gorgeous but we can have thorns no matter how attractive and sweet we may appear. Some of us are like weeds; we are not as strong as those of us like bushes and trees. We vary, as does plant life. And when our life ends, we will return to dust.

These thoughts have nothing to do with why I an attracted to and love aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has the capacity to heal and support healing of one’s mind, body and spirit. That’s why, I hope this blog will allow me to enter your space momentarily from time to time to share some of the benefits of aromatherapy, introduce you to some of the plants that encompass so many ways to help in one instance or another, and when it gets right down to it– to shed some light where there is none, hoping that you will develop your knowing and understanding of how simply you can provide a level of self-care or care for others through words and deeds that’s not so hard to do. In fact, its simple. It’s natural. It’s all around you.


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