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Eleven Favorite Essential Oils Again… Peppermint

In the last month I have used all eleven favorite essential oils in some blend or another. All of these oils have a hydrosol, the distinct essence of the plant in water that remains after the distillation process. I love hydrosols almost as much as I love essential oils! Their aromas are splendid and their uses are enormous! I expect that hydrosols will gain in popularity significantly in the coming years– it won’t be long. Research is being conducted on many hydrosols that will provide positive proof of their healthful benefits.

It’s April 1st and in this venue last month, I asked for readers to share their favorite 11th essential oil. Getting to ten (10) is not so hard; its selecting the 11th oil that I find interesting. Two oils were shared: one was grapefruit for its refreshing, uplifting aroma; the other was peppermint for its ability to rid one of a headache i.e., “best headache relief ever!”

These are both great 11th essential oil choices! One of the contributors will receive a sample pack of my favorite 11 hydrosols that I will identify in another post really soon.

The recipient of the hydrosols stated that “peppermint” was her favorite 11th oil. I will be reaching out to you via email. I hope you enjoy the hydrosols as much as I do! And, thanks for sharing!

Aromatically yours,


Eleven Favorite Essential Oils

I know. It’s usually a number, like ten and not eleven when its about a list of favorites. Not this time. This is not my Top Eleven list; that would be different though some of these essential oils would make another appearance. These are my eleven favorite essential oils– the ones I reach for and think of most when blending for clients, family and for myself. If you include one or more of these essential oils in your blends, its like– you can’t miss! There will be reported measurable benefits!

I happen to like the number ‘eleven’ (11) because it is considered a Master Number (one of two such numbers; the other Master Number being 22) in the study of Numerology, a science based on numbers and their incredible affect on our lives. Some descriptive words associated with the number 11 include: illumination, enlightenment, inspirational, idealism, intuitive, psychic, channelling, poetry, expression, dreamer, revolution, mysticism, catalyst, prophet, celebrity, highly energized, radical, sensitive, visionary, enthusiastic and creative/creativity. I think all of the essential oils to be described possess master attributes in their own right and noted properties. They each offer potential to support us physically, mentally, emotionally and metaphysically in ways similar to these defining words and in other profound ways that are sometimes indescribable by the user. I should also add that the vibrational energy around the number 11 is loving and caring, as are all essential oils, used appropriately.

Here is my current list, deemed my Eleven (11) Favorite Essential Oils with one, or two of my own descriptive words about each and, in parenthesis, I’ve associated each oil with one of the words related to the Master Number 11:

1. Lavender – Lavandula augustifolia – heaven’s scent (idealism)
2. Sweet Orange – Citrus sinensis – happiness (expression)
3. Frankincense – Boswellia carterii – frankly amazing (intuitive)
4. Roman Chamomile Chamaemelum nobile – subtle soother (sensitive)
5. Lemon – Citrus limon – brightening (illumination)
6. Bergamot – Citrus bergamia – blissful delight (creativity)
7. Helichrysum – Helichrysum italicum – resurrecting (revolution)
8. Myrrh – Commiphora myrrha – ageless curative (mysticism)
9. Tea Tree – Melaleuca alternifolia – first aid kit (okay, three words; I think it should be in every first aid kit, really) – (celebrity)
10. Basil – Ocimum basilicum – awakening (enlightenment)

This is my own list given my experience with these oils as an Aromatherapist and as a beneficiary of their varied uses.

Admittedly, it got really tough after listing number ten (10). People, in general, have some exposure to, knowledge of and may have used any of these ten essential oils in some manner; Helichrysum aside. Plant essential oils are used or experienced in some form or another in room misters, deodorant, antiseptic sprays, in cooking indirectly, in drink mixing or when burning incense. Many oils in my list of the ten are therefore, granted; no surprise. I use quality, GCMS tested essential oils regularly in my practice, so there were so many to think about as favorites, particularly with one left to choose. I started by thinking about how nourishing and beneficial Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii) and Carrot Seed (Daucus carota) are for skin; how wonderful Sweet Marjoram (Origanum marjorana) is for stress and sleep and inflammation and Eucalyptus (globulus) for respiratory concerns; ahh, stimulating Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and Peppermint (Mentha piperita) for headaches… and how many times I have reached for and adored them in one blend after another! It was indeed challenging! I love Sandalwood (Santalum album) that is so balancing, but I use it sparingly as precious as it is! Then again, I swoon at the seductive aromas of Neroli (Citrus aurantium var. amara) and enjoy the evocative presence of Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata). So, being the me I am, I finally decided.

Here is my choice for favorite essential oil Number 11:

Cypress Tree

Cypress Tree

11. Cypress – Cupressus sempervirens – high vibe (catalyst).

If you are wondering why Cypress, like it came out of left field or something, I find it to be a powerfully significant oil that is certainly not an underdog in the least! I’ve read that Cypress is linked with the dead and grows in and around cemetarys. I had to nod my head at part of this commentary because I think I have seen Cypress trees in every cemetary I have ever visited. I don’t have a problem with cemetarys; someday I’ll lie there, too. Perhaps, Cypress trees are there to bring comfort to the visiting souls that will leave them, some filled with sorrow, and for the departed ones in the ground because life, as they knew it has ended? It is printed that there are some disquieted spirits in some cemetarys. I hope that the aroma of Cypress keeps them there! The Greek word ‘sempervirens’ from which the botanical name is derived, means ‘lives forever’. It may be that the spirit of the lives we have known and those we’ve loved live forever with us.

Cypress has an illustrious history that informs us of its capabilities and irrefutable reputation. It was considered a symbol for life after death and was burnt along with Pine and Juniper in the ancient temples of Egypt to cleanse the atmosphere (I assume of potential bacteria and evil spirits). It’s medicinal uses were inscribed on papyri and its wood was often used to fashion the decorated coffins inserted in the stone sarcophagi of the Egyptian aristocracy. These uses were likely those we know Cypress to benefit today. There is also an island named Cypress, in the Meditteranean, where the tree used to be worshipped.

Cypress, the essential oil, is derived from the distillation of tree needles and twigs. The essential oil is opening, moving and wondrous. It calms and soothes the senses when feeling overwhelmed, purifies and cleanses both psychically and physically, eases major life transitions, assists grief, trauma or transition. It supports circulatory concerns, respiratory issues, reduces excess fluid, is anti-spasmodic for muscles and stomach, is astringent, antiseptic; hepatic to help blood flow and can constrict it as well; it helps to support liver functions, soothes rheumatic and arthritic conditions. In short, it can be a life saver in the real world.

In my list of favorites, Cypress is definitely a number 11 oil! No diminshing my favorite ten oils before it. They each possess enormous strengths and are amazing gifts to the universe. Aromatherapy, as we know it, would be minus many exclamation marks without them!

I’ve got a question for you. What are your ten favorite essential oils? Then, really tell me about your number 11 favorite essential oil! For those that reply, I am going to randomly select someone (notwithstanding your oil choice) and send that person sample 4 ml. spray vials of my eleven favorite organic hydrosols on April 1st; no fooling! The identity, by first name of that special individual and his/her 11th favorite essential oil, will be announced on April 2nd. I will also share a list of other number 11 oils.

I already know! It’s hard to choose…

Aromatically yours!

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Frank Talk About Boswellia carterii (Frankincense)

Frankincense Tree

Frankincense Tree

I have a lot of experience with essential oils, aromatic oils, botanical essences or however you may refer or think of them. If I could describe them all in two words, I would say they are “God’s gift.” They are so dear to me! It’s not just the beautiful aromas they possess that I value highly; it is truly the tremendous benefit to my body, mind and spirit that I have never found disappointment in when I have helped myself by using essential oils. I think of them as friends.

Prior to working with essential oils, I knew them as plants in my youth and later as herbs, spices and oils. Getting to know them intimately as essential oils derived from plant leaves, seeds, flowers, resins, wood and more is such an awesome journey! So, I had this recent experience with one of my already favorite essential oils, Boswellia carterii, known more widely as Frankincense, that astounded me! The oil of Frankincense is distilled from a resin. I’ll tell you what happened…

I was in the process of hurriedly gathering items for a presentation to introduce my colleagues (on another path in which I am involved) to Aromatherapy as a means of stress reduction. I was to talk about essential oils and we would make inhalers to counter stress, afterwards as an exercise and a takeaway from the presentation. As I was pouring some Frankincense from a four ounce bottle into a fifteen ml bottle, it spilled out the larger bottle all over the hand in which I was holding the smaller bottle. I panicked for a moment, reminded that using essential oils “neat” i.e., without a carrier is not recommended. Okay, there are two exceptions: Lavender and Tea Tree oils that have no consequences to be cautious about when used directly on the skin. I am a trained holistic Aromatherapist so I am fully conscious of safety measures that are to be applied when handling and using essential oils. They are profound substances that must be treated with respect. I put both bottles down immediately, thinking about what carrier oil I would use to dilute the Frankincense without that base oil being a known skin penetrator as one of its noted properties. I chose Sesame Seed Oil; it was right there and Frankincense was, quite frankly, all over my outer hand, dripping on the rug and was also in my palm. A sizable blob had left the large mouth of the larger bottle and I was wearing it. I made a fast grab for the Sesame oil, opened and poured it all over my frankincensed hand and used a clean cloth to remove both as fast as I could. It all happened really fast! I had become drenched in Frankincense, in neat form, for less than 2 minutes. I didn’t exactly know what would happen since I had never had the experience before. It was a little after 3 PM. I wasn’t worried about the skin on my hand, and I smelled of Frankincense which was a good thing. I love its deep, resinous aroma. I had to get to my presentation that was set for 4 PM.

Within less than an hour, just before my presentation, I started feeling very relaxed. And, it increased. I was more relaxed than I have ever been during the delivery of a presentation! I realized I had to be careful about my choice of words with my supervisor in the room. I might say something that would give away my level of comfort. As the aromas of the essential oils filled the space; these included stress reducers Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Lavender, Bergamot Mint, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang and Basil, others became more relaxed as well. We laughed, passed around the essential oils on popsicle sticks (I could not find my aromasticks) and made interesting inhalers. The more stressed among us stood out with curiosity about the oils and asked which was better than another? We had fun! I was relieved when it was over! I was even more relaxed. All that focusing on the material in my presentation and helping guests count drops while blending for inhalers had been work!

Frankincense resin rocks

Frankincense resin rocks

As I left work around 7 PM, I did not have much of a care in the world! I felt light, but very grounded. I walked to my car in pouring rain appreciative of the fact that I was going home. The rain was nice. When I arrived home, I ate something light and was really thirsty! By 8:30 PM I was in my pajamas and nodding uncontrollably on the couch while I attempted to listen to the news of the day. It had been a long day, but I am convinced that Frankincense had something to do with my entire being– being so grounded! I went to bed shortly afterwards. I was awakened by the sound of the doorbell ringing a little after 11PM. I got up to answer the door thinking my son must be without his key and I needed to let him in. Ordinarily, since my son is a repeat offender about leaving his key home and waking me up to let him in, I honestly sometimes don’t respond well to having my sleep broken due to his irresponsibility, but I didn’t have any reaction. I just got up to answer the door. Walking to the front of the house, I saw flashing lights through the bay windows. A little peek revealed that some NYPD police cars were outside. In any other instance, my heart and mind would have immediately started racing nervously; I would have begun worrying about something having happened to my son who was not at home. It didn’t happen. I was so calm.  I opened the door and a police officer asked me about a car parked next door, about which I knew nothing and told him so. He thanked me and I closed the door. I went back to my bedroom and thought that maybe I should go and take another look at what exactly was going on outside not too far from my front door. It really hadn’t phased me that the police were in front of my residence and I hadn’t asked any questions. Maybe someone had been whacked in the car or something; that kind of stuff can happen in the best of neighborhoods.  I hadn’t paid attention enough to satisfy my normal curiosity. I didn’t gather much watching them for a minute shine flashlights into what appeared to be a vacant car. They soon departed. Things were cool. I went back to bed and had a very good nights sleep.

The next morning I presented a once monthly held community workshop where I am the lead all day long from 10am to 6pm helping people understand and learn how to take a very important exam. I typically display plenty of energy and am upbeat in these sessions because I am talking about test-taking, something that makes most people nervous. I also despise boring presenters, and I don’t want to be one. I thought I had enough essential oil in my body from the prior day so I decided not to use my energizing inhaler. I was still plenty grounded and decided to stay with it. I did drink a couple of cups of coffee throughout the day and plenty of water. I was still sooo relaxed. The crowd at the session was great! There was nothing anyone could do to disturb my balance. Some tried, but I was cool as a cucumber. It wasn’t until very late the same night that I felt like I was back to my own rhythm, quite a few notches above the calm, relaxed individual I had been for more than 24 hours.

To say that I have a respect for Frankincense that I did not have before would be an understatement. It has always been a favorite essential oil for me. I use it on my skin in many blends and simply love the hydrosol! However, I now know why it was as good as gold, without a doubt, during the Middle Ages and before that i.e., B.C. Frankincense will settle and tame you! This was totally accidental, but I will not hesitate to use Frankincense as a single essential oil in the future to bring my energy down to a much needed quiet calm or just to be more relaxed, in general. We all need to do that sometimes, you know? I am always on the go and age-wise, I am no spring chicken as the saying goes! I went to my aromatherapy office on Monday, two days later, and I could still smell the marvelous aroma of Frankincense. I think it enbraced me! Metaphysically, I think Frankincense has been designated as yang. Well, if that is true– he is really something else, quite frankly!

Note: I obtained this Boswellia carterii from Aromatherachi.com and highly recommend it!

Sleepless in Jamaica

Rosewood Tree

Rosewood essential oil derived from the Magnoliid Tree

I had a tough week last week. It’s Sunday, the start of another week and time to start all over again. It wasn’t work, or people who made my week so hard. It was that all important factor of TIME and how it’s used!

In today’s busy world, it seems that there are not enough hours in a day. In a week, there are 168 hours. If you don’t make the most of them, you will fall behind somewhere in your busy schedule.

How many of these 168 hours are dedicated to sleep? Many discount sleep since these non-working, non-playing and non-running about hours don’t factor into the business that keeps us buzzing. But, they do count! Immensely. Your body has rights over you and if it doesn’t get its due, then you might not be as effective in those actions to be accomplished that get a higher importance rating. Lack of sleep is attributed to a higher rate of accidents on the job, increased rates of illness, absenteeism, deadly automobile accidents, and I am totally convinced that fuzzy math is in there too. Ask any investment banker how many hours of sleep he or she is getting. It’s entirely possible that derivative formulas and credit swaps that even the most erudite mathematicians can’t thoroughly explain are the result of someone’s thinking without enough sleep! If this were the case, it might be considered an instance where lack of sleep seems to pay– for now, that is. 

Sleeping 8 hours a night, or no less than 7 is the standard recommendation. That adds up to 49-56 hours a week. In quick math, almost a third of the time of a day, a week, a month– your life.  There will never be another April 10th whatever minute it is that you find yourself reading this (whatever day that is), forever. Time is going to pass. You and no one else will stop it. For your body, it’s kind of like that with sleep. The sleep you did not get last night or last week is over. But, it’s not forever. Catching up on sleep is better than continually thinking that sleeping 5 hours a night is enough to get you by. It’s not. Studies have shown that sleeping less than the recommended hours will catch up with you and it won’t be in beneficial ways. One study that really awakened me to understand how I needed to get more sleep indicated that lack of sleep may even shorten your life.

I had so many things still on my mind when I got into bed each night last week that it was not easy to drift off as I usually do. It’s amazing how some people can lay their heads on a pillow, or just back wherever they are and the next thing you know, they are asleep. I am not that person. I recognize the signs of sleepiness and put the book down, lose those thoughts in the darkness of my bedroom after turning off the light or just keep my eyes closed. I know that I can create a sleep environment. I have. There is no media in my bedroom other than a radio that includes a noise reducer (sometimes called a sound machine). I love to listen to that synthetic sound of rain and the ocean lapping against the shore every now and then. I do have books around me. I love to read. When my routine doesn’t go as planned, I reach for the aromatherapy next to my bed. It’s a simple blend of Lavender, Rosewood and Melissa. Some nights, it’s just Lavender, a very soothing essential oil with a wonderful aroma. It’s origin is those tiny lavender colored flowers from the lavender plant. To think about it, the color lavender has a soothing effect on the eyes and registers similarly in one’s mind. I love Lavender for many reasons.

When I add Rosewood I create a blend. It is an essential oil that is derived from the wood of a species of the Magnoliid tree known as Aniba rosaeodora. The use of two oils blend to enhance the desired effect by virtue of the combination of chemical components that begin a therapeutically marvelous duet. Mixing essential oils creates a conversion that is more powerful than using a single oil, kind of like two heads (thinking minds) being better than one. Both Lavender and Rosewood possess a chemical constituent called linalool, Rosewood having the higher of the two. It’s linalool that provides the calming sedative effect of these oils. I like to blend these two essential oils that work very well together to promote sleep.

But, last week was a different kind of week. I needed to invite an exceptional and precious essential oil named Melissa to complete the concerto. Also known as Lemon Balm, it has a top/middle note to it. A note can be defined as an aroma signature that is also related to the evaporation rate of an essential oil. Melissa’s fragrance is radiantly warm, sweet and lemony.  The aroma lifts out the bottle easily compared to the scent of Rosewood, a middle/base oil with a deeper, reflective and lingering aroma. Distilled from the flowers and leaves of the plant, it’s known to reduce anxiety, calm emotions and thereby is effective against insomnia. It is the more potent of the three oils and provides the “kick” that I know makes this blend work, for me. It’s nights when I can’t wind down from the spin of the day that Melissa brings the now you are going to get it shut-eye! One drop in synergy with Lavender and Rosewood makes a totally different blend. The nose knows. When using Melissa, it is important to respect that it can be a skin irritant in some instances. It should always be used in a carrier when applied to the skin.

I used these three essential oils sparingly in an ounce of organic aloe vera gel, but they could be used in an organic carrier oil like jojoba just as easily. I’ve also combined a 3-2-1 diffusion of Lavender, Rosewood and Melissa for use in the bath or deeply inhaled the combination of the three straight out of a small bottle. When I apply the blend to my skin, usually my upper arms, shoulders, behind the ears, I always clasp my hands together afterwards and deeply breathe in the beautifully soothing fragrance. Sleep, or the Sandman as I use to call it as a child, is only minutes away… 

I hope that the plant world continues to provide these precious essential oil gems. Lavender is fairly plentiful and grows in abundance in France, England or in your garden in a place where you have full sun– it’s that simple. I have some growing in mine. It won’t be like the lavender from elsewhere because conditions vary. It will be all yours to nurture and enjoy.

The tree that brings us Rosewood is found in the tropical rainforests in South America, specifically in Brazil, Columbia, Guyana, Venezuela and a few other countries in that part of the world. It is a threatened species. It’s a special oil that should be used in special instances, and like I use it, sparingly to support my need for restive sleep. Sleep is a necessity! Ho Wood, an essential oil that is similar in therapeutic properties to Rosewood, can be used in its place.

Here is to more sleep this week! It’s comforting to know that if it’s not as planned– you know, stuff happens, that I will have reliably safe and wonderful to use aromatherapy to get me through it!

Aromatically yours.

Choose from a selection of articles about the results of lack of sleep at WebMD: http://www.webmd.com/search/search_results/default.aspx?sourceType=undefined&query=lack+of+sleep&navState=6176

Source: Aniba rosaedora (Rosewood) on the Endangered Species List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.  http://www.iucnredlist.org/apps/redlist/details/33958/0

Read Those Ingredients, or Else!

Triclosan? Paraben? Methylchloroisothiazolinone? Sound delicious?

These are the names of preservatives identified in personal care products, among others, by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that you might not want to continue to disregard or shrug your shoulders about  when selecting and using body and skin care products. EWG describes them as “worrisome” ingredients. Referencing ingredients often found in products used by adults and those found in products used by children to make bubbles in tubs and scrub plump rosy cheeks are included in the article titled “Know the Ingredients in Your Personal Care Products.” EWG might not be tops on everyone’s list as the purveyors of accuracy in all of their research. I believe in empowering oneself with information, at least, to inform one’s ability to make sound and sensible choices. I acknowledge EWG for the awareness raised in this article and for the encouragement, to read ingredients, that is of importance (reading and knowing, understandably not being equal). 

If you purchase personal care products that include body and skin care products from the local drug store or from a famous retailer, the recommendation to read the ingredients remains consistent. You’ve probably had the experience before. The base oils that make for the foundation of the product are listed first, then the fragrance ingredients then the strand of three, four, five and six-syllable words that you have to take your time pronounce correctly. The words seem to get longer and more difficult the more you read.

I started reading ingredient panels on food and body and skin care products years ago.  I had learned how important it was to buy high quality products, especially those I used on my face. Then I learned somewhere that those products weren’t as good as I thought they were because of the product’s brand name. It was so long ago, I can’t remember when I made the conscious decision to get closer to the ground and to stop thinking that the more I spent on a product made it that much better than something I could mix up from items in my refrigerator, cupboard and my collection of organic essential oils. This is not to discount that some ingredients are more costly and, as such due to relative quantities and other factors are, in fact, worthy and better. An example is the essential oil, Sandalwood. Sandalwood from Mysore, India from my nose’s point of view is the best Sandalwood money can buy, arguably.

Like nutrients in the food we eat go through the digestive tract and then out through the bloodstream to deliver the goods to various parts of the body– the ingredients in body and skin care products go through our skin and scalp and then through the bloodstream to deliver the bad to various parts of the body.

Awareness starts with reading the ingredients and asking oneself what these ingredients really are? If not, then thinking about saying no, learning and choosing to do something different may follow. If it’s not good stuff, it’s avoidable stuff.

If you are wondering why likely harmful stuff, usually listed towards the end of the product label, is in that wonderfully packaged and highly marketed lotion or skin care cream, a definitive answer you won’t find here. I can give you some plausible reasons to consider: to make it smoother or keep it from clumping; to make it fluffy and creamy, give it a tint and make it last without being destroyed by bacteria. There are numerous other reasons related to pricing, competition, availability of ingredients and demand. When a product gets discontinued, a new and “improved” formula may arrive with much of the same ingredients. Perhaps, it’s just a twist on something like new packaging with a new sophisticated name. I’ve wondered, if something might potentially give you a rash is there also something in the ingredients to serve as a counter agent so that you don’t get the rash? The new, more hypoallergenic wonders– “hypo” meaning that it will reduce a potential allergic reaction, offer this. Why not just leave the allergen causing ingredient out? In some instances, it’s not that the ingredient is there– there are levels of toxicity and good versus bad gets weighed in all things (a philosophical point of view here), but since we don’t know how much of a good or a bad thing is in there or how our body is responding to it, especially if it is more of a potentially bad, meaning harmful thing– why go there? Too much of a good thing is still too much!

Recently I went into a big box store where lotions and creams and deodorants are sold in three and six packs. A bargain, you would think? When I read the ingredients of several items, I found that every one contained more than one of the ingredients identified by the EWG as worrisome. Interestingly, they were being marketed with highlighted substances I know from my intensive aromatherapy studies like ginger and lemongrass that are energizing essential oils. They smelled good enough to make you want to take them home, though I could tell they did not contain essential oils and the label verified it. So, if it smells fantastic, asking is it good for my skin may be the next question! Good ingredients don’t cancel out the consequences of the existing bad ingredients dependent upon the amounts present. When teamed together whatever benefits might have otherwise existed can become compromised.

Aromatherapy provides a remarkable alternative to all of the unmentionable, by name products, without the need to cover-up, make tints with questionably safe food color numbers and the like (questionable because the bad news generally follows years later that it wasn’t good for you). Want it to last until it’s all used up? Grapefruit seed and rosemary extracts, plain plant materials work as good and almost as long. If given the choice, I’d rather use something a few times and then throw out whatever begins to spoil naturally than rely upon some gunk that makes me think it’s still “good” and lose some neurotransmitter connections, potentially, down the road. That’s what I do with bread. Eat it while it’s good and toss what remains if I don’t get around to finishing it all. Recently, I observed a loaf of bread, brought into an office, sit around for almost two weeks without beginning to mold. I wasn’t the only one curious about it. A few of us began to talk about it and examine it. It still looked and felt somewhat fresh but it had the “old” smell. I don’t think I’d feed that bread to birds, yet some preservatives still had it appearing to be edible. Another question to ask oneself about skin and body care products might be “if I don’t know what  it is, even if it looks and smells good, should I apply it on my skin?” What goes in generally comes out. But, not all of it all of the time. It is the build up of toxins that our bodies either do not or can not handle and excrete that, overtime, can result in outcomes and illness, if allowed to choose, we’d rather not confront.



Truly green products, organically based body and skin care products that include organic or wildcrafted essential oils (not to worry about pesticides or adulteration) and your own homemade organic egg and mayonnaise conditioner with some fresh lemon and honey or organic oatmeal and organic milk and honey as a facial cleanser are where you may want to invest your future skin care options. One drop of organic Rose Bulgaria essential oil in a teaspoon of organic aloe vera gel will make your face feel like its gone to heaven. An ounce of aloe based liquid castile soap and a few drops of Lavender, Tea Tree or Eucalyptus essential oil is a fragrant, refreshing and delightful body wash. Plain and simple works where a long list of long words that are not well received by your skin, don’t.

Like the EWG article suggests, read from the end of the label to the front. That is where the ingredients will be found that are least present in the personal care product you are interested in, but are also the ingredients that are potentially detrimental to you. Get to know what the ingredients are and determine what your tolerance is for them dependent upon the effect you desire from the product. I remain puzzled by the following: everyone KNOWS that smoking is harmful– the question does not even exist anymore. People, who choose to do so, still smoke.

As a final suggestion, the fewer and purer the ingredients– the better for you and your essential, personal body and skin care regimen over time. What is pure? That’s another blog topic for some future time.

Aromatically yours.

It Will Be A Different World Without Honey Bees

Peace and Healing Straight From Nature….

Finally, an opportunity to give voice to the power of plants! 

There are so many to choose from… in this blog I will sample from the bountiful world of plants and share my love of them. We will look at their energy, aromas, beneficial characteristics and their beauty. I for one, take no plant for granted! They, like the human species, are so different. So vibrant! So alive! There are those that are alluring and some that are truly creepy. So much for how varied they are, as are we. Yet, even the creepiest of plants can provide some medicinal benefit.  

In “The Lost Language of Plants: The Ecological Importance of Plant Medicines to Life on Earth,” by Stephen Harrod Buhner, the author alludes to how plants speak to us. I agree. They do. From their physical appearance they lure and beckon us to come closer. They make us curious. Think about a desert. Now think about a park lush with trees and flowers. Is there not a stark difference here?

There is something about the color green. It is powerful! It blankets the earth where there is water and sun. Plant a seed and give it some time… something will grow there.

I hope you will grow with me as I share my thoughts, knowledge and experience with plants, more specifically, their qualities, characteristics and essential healing powers!

Aromatically Yours.Flowers on a Lemon Tree